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Our Prepaid Data Plans

Valid for 7 Days

$9.32 $6.99

Valid for 15 Days

$11.99 $8.99

Valid for 20 Days

$18.65 $13.99

Valid for 1-30 Days

$2.29 – $34.99

Why eSIM Singapore?


Shop immediately online.
Instant activation of Singapore data plans
by scanning the eSIM QR code.


Order your plan
before you leave and avoid stress.
Feel free during your trip in Singapore.


No extra roaming fees.
Enjoy your speedy, stable local data
with affordable prices.

Most Recent Reviews

It was my first time using eSIM.
The installation process was super easy
and I was so satisfied that
I didn’t have to worry
about the internet during the trip.
Worked all the time! No problems at all!

Alba Perez 

Convenient than any other method!
I got accessed to the internet
everywhere in Singapore.
Instead of paying a high roaming fee,
I recommend using eSIM
at a reasonable price.
Very affordable!

Jimmy Kim

ePro was the best solution
for travelers visiting Singapore.
The network was very fast and reliable.
Also, very convenient as
I was able to finish everything online.

Tim Green

Explore Singapore
with eSIM Singapore

What is an eSIM Singapore?

eSIM Singapore helps you to find your eSIM Singapore data plan
& Get an instant connection with the Starhub and Singtel network.
No Sign up required. Recommended for Singapore travelers.
Have a wonderful time with our best Singapore eSIM plans!

How to use eSIM Singapore

Which devices support eSIM?

• iPhone XS series• Samsung Galaxy S20 series• Google Pixel 2 series
• iPhone XR• Samsung Galaxy S21 series• Google Pixel 3 series
• iPhone SE 2 (2020)• Samsung Note 20 series• Google Pixel 4 series
• iPhone 11 series• Samsung Galaxy Fold series• Google Pixel 5 series
• iPhone 12 series• Samsung Galaxy Flip series
• iPhone 13 series

Frequently Asked Questions

How many eSIMs can I have?

You can store 1 physical SIM card and several eSIM plans on eSIM compatible devices. And the maximum amount of eSIMs varies depending on device and manufacturer.

How can I prevent any accidental International Roaming charges?

To block data usage of a physical SIM card in advance, Turn [Cellular Data Switching] Off while installing.
Also, you can contact your carrier and subscribe to ‘Blocked charged international roaming’ services.

How long should I wait for eSIM QR Code after payment?

You will receive the eSIM QR code via email within 2 – 8 hours during the working hours. If you haven’t received the email in time, please contact our support team.

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